Wajiira – Ancestral Land Of the Wayuu

For more than 2000 years, the Wayuu have lived on the La Guajira peninsula in northern Colombia. But their current predicament presents perhaps the greatest test the Wayuu have faced throughout their history: Water is becoming scarcer, and the traditional life of the indigenous community is being threatened by climate change, coal mining, and the encroachment of Western culture. What unites the Wayuu people are demands for basic things: The right to clean water and a dignified life. In cooperation with the Fundación Apünaja and an ambitious team, “La Guajira” brings you the story of the Wayuu people and the fight for their way of life. Watch the trailer.

About the Beauty and Importance of Traveling

Verdewelt’s debut film. A wonderful memory of an incredible time. Sans script, but certainly not sans technical problems, the spontaneity of the recordings and the sense of humor on which we sometimes like to take ourselves for a ride nevertheless brought this authentic and cheerful film to life. We are very happy to share our experiences with you – although we probably wouldn’t ever travel this way again! But it certainly was a good (and important) experience. Have a good trip! Watch the film (Spanish/German version only).